WhatsApp Prime APK v19.41.1 Download For Android 2023

WhatsApp Prime APK is the most demanding recent messaging app right now. The original app’s functions are enhanced in the Prime edition. That is why practically everyone enjoys this software because it provides endless fun. Whatsapp Prime APK allows you to make audio or video calls, record conversations, and more.

WhatsApp Prime

WhatsApp Prime mod is a customization of the pioneer WhatsApp created by Cool Droid. You can get it only on Android devices. After using the wonderful software, users will never like to use the original version of WhatsApp. It boasts a plethora of cool features that set it apart from its competitors. We’ll walk you through the entire process of installing and downloading Prime Whatsapp.

Furthermore, the software is tiny in size, so you won’t have any storage issues using it on your device. However, to use this software, you must first delete the original WhatsApp from the device and backup your chats so that you do not lose any. If you’re afraid about getting banned, don’t be because the mod is anti-banned unless you use it for criminal purposes.

Info of WhatsApp Prime APK

App Name WhatsApp Prime
Size42.6 MB
Requirement Android
Last Updated 1 day ago

   WhatsApp Prime APK Download


File Sharing

This application can share more than 300 files at a time including, photos, documents, or videos.

Disabling Reply

This app allows you to communicate from one side by disabling replies from the list of contacts. After conveying your message to friends, you can disallow them to reply to you.

Copying Status

It allows users to copy and paste the status of friends according to wish.

Anti –Ban

The developers develop sets the legal protocols and codes to maintain Anti-banned property. So, actual developers of Whatsapp cannot harm the app.

Size of File

You can share a video of a larger size about 70 MB.

Wonderful Privacy

The privacy features have been enhanced. Users do not have to be concerned about others seeing their personal conversations Modified WhatsApp includes features seen in official WhatsApp, such as a reading receipt, the ability to deactivate the profile image and hide the above information, the ability to select contacts with whom to send status, and more.


There are several themes available in the program, including dark, clear, and bright. You can select your preferred theme and avoid the monotony of seeing the same interface of the theme over and over.

Improved UI

WhatsApp Prime improves the app’s functionality and UI beyond what was previously possible. Sharing files and images, as well as conversing with friends, has become as natural as breathing. It mostly affects the interface’s appearance and performance.

Increased limit of Audio

The app’s audio capacity has been increased to 100 MB, which is a significant increase over the restrictions of the standard WhatsApp.

Enhancing Characters

It enhances the limits of characters. There are no restrictions on characters in writing status or texts.

Previewing Media

Your photos will arrive in the same quality as they were when you uploaded them. The file will be transmitted to the recipient in the same quality, size, and resolution.

Personalization Options

The software allows you to personalize themes, stickers, members of the groups, and statuses, as well as exchange larger files. These functionalities will be available to you without error after downloading the application. It will provide you with all of these advantages, and you will be able to efficiently control them.

Downloading Whatsapp Prime APK

  • To begin, go to your phone’s settings and enable the “unknown source” option.
  • Then, from the list above, download the first WhatsApp app.
  • Wait until the downloading of the file finish.
  • To open the notification bar, click to download.
  • Wait until you press the install button.
  • A booming installation notification will appear once the software has been installed.

Ultimate Verdicts

It’s essential to try the latest version to determine if it’s a better experience than the original WhatsApp. Perhaps you’ll pick up some important information along the path.

It is the most widely used instant messaging application at the moment. Because this program is so popular, there have been numerous versions launched. One of them is the WhatsApp main application.

In essence, the premium edition of the program includes more functionality than the free version. As a result, the majority of users enjoy this program because it provides them with unlimited fun. This program allows you to make video or voice calls, record, and do a lot more.


Is it permissible to use?

From the official manufacturers of WhatsApp, it is considered prohibited to use. However, because the program is ban-proof, there is a slim risk that you will be banned for using it.

Is your data collected by the app?

Don’t be concerned. Users’ data is not collected by the developer.

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