Xender MOD APK Latest Version v12.3.1. Download For Android

Xender is an extraordinary application that assists you with sending records to your companions effectively, and rapidly. The application is created by Xender Record Sharing Group and is adored by cell phone clients. The application permits sending a major video of you to your companions in short order, and the speed is in every case high. You are allowed to share photographs, music, recordings, applications, archives, and other document types, and the document size is limitless. Applications are not impacted by link, web, or information utilization usefulness. Taking everything into account, can move documents to companions anyplace and whenever. The application can be depicted in three words: Quick, Brilliant, and Offer.

Xender MOD APK

Share everything and have fun

Xender dazzles with its record move speed. The application permits the spilling of significant substances in only a couple of moments. The most noteworthy pace of the application can reach 40Mb/s. Likewise, the application ensures document quality, and you can send limitless enormous records at the first size. So you can undoubtedly share photographs, music, recordings, applications, archives, and some other document types with Limitless Document Size.

How to use

Xender is incredibly easy to utilize, and you really want to follow the proper symbols. For instance, you utilize two Android gadgets to trade “certain” applications with a limit of around 50MB. The most common way of associating the two gadgets is clear, and everything should be possible rapidly. You want to choose the application and pick the gadget to ship off, then press the “Send” button. Different telephones need to press the “Get” button and hang tight for the association affirmation. This application assists with sharing all documents in a brief time frame. You are not difficult to utilize the application. The application likewise adds a strong media player. Furthermore, the application likewise has GIFs, Backdrops and Interesting Stickers appended.


Xender is a magnificent decision assuming you want an application that supports quick record moves. Application is fundamental on the off chance that you want to send at least one documents starting with one telephone then onto the next without wi-fi. The application is helpful in the event that you want to move weighty records. Use is basic, and the cycle is speedy, and closures right away (it relies upon the association between the two gadgets). The application saves you time, and has a quicker move rate than standard Bluetooth. The application is more direct to share than AirDrop since there’s no requirement for NFC. You can uphold cross-stage document move and sharing.

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